I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to several destinations in the Americas and Europe. I'd like to share those travels with you. I am hoping these photographs will either bring back fond memories or make you look forward to visiting these places yourself.

As a photographer, I hope to find the extraordinary within the ordinary. Nature is beauty. Architecture is beauty. Design is beauty. Life is beauty. Sometimes beauty gets lost due to hectic schedules and stresses of life. Please relax and enjoy.

I have tried to create a stress-free environment by dividing photographs by region or category. Please select the "Gallery" box to begin your journey.

The "Lightbox" button will enable you to store up to 500 photographs. When you return, you can view the images you have stored in the Lightbox. To use the Lightbox you will need to create an account, which is really quick, easy and free, by clicking on the "Sign In" button and then click on "Register".

If you choose to purchase any of my photographs, know that they'll be printed with high quality paper and handled with care.

Should you have any comments or questions, you can reach me by clicking on the "Menu" button and then select "Contact".

The soundtrack you are enjoying is from D-Fab. If you would like to hear more from this artist, please visit his site at dfab020.com

Thank you for visiting!

Bill Meinke

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